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Task Group       Operations Date
TG 22.2   Dep Norfolk, VA for Bermuda (for ASW training exercises) 15 Jul
    Arrv Bermuda 19 Jul
    Dep Bermuda (for ASW operations) 20 Jul
    Arrv Bermuda (for provisioning) 10 Aug
    Dep Bermuda 12 Aug
    Rtn Norfolk (for repairs and alterations) 27 Aug
    Captain Daniel V. Gallery relieved of Command of USS Guadalcanal by Captain B. C. McCaffree, USN 16 Sep
    Dep Norfolk for Baltimore, MD 19 Sep
    Arrv Baltimore (for leave, liberty and recreation) 20 Dep
    Dep Baltimore for Norfolk 23 Sep
    Arrv Norfolk 24 Sep
Units: USS Guadalcanal, VC-19, USS Pillsbury, USS Chatelain, USS Pope, USS Flaherty, USS Neunzer, Destroyer Division 4 in USS Pillsbury
Results: no sinkings

A TBF (VT #21 Bu 24511) settled into the water moments after launching from the catapult. Approximately 5 to 10 seconds after landing there was a tremendous explosion causing complete disintegration of the plane and killing the pilot LT Ogle, A-V(N), USNR; gunner Robert P. Burr, A-V(S), USNR; and radioman Aubrey Gail White, ARM1/c; 16 July 1944


Services are held for the crew of the TBF lost earlier that day, 16 July 1944
Reaplacement TBFs are hoisted aboard from a barge while USS Guadalcanal is anchored off U.S. Air Station, Port Royal Bay, Bermuda, 10 August 1944
Replacement TBFs are hoisted to the flight deck, 10 August 1944
Replacement TBFs are lined up on the flight deck, 10 August 1944
CDR Johnson, Executive Officer of USS Guagalcanal, chatting with Lady Burghley, wife of Governor of Bermuda, 11 August 1944
LTJG R. M. McAshan failed to catch a wire and crashed into the island and caught fire during a night landing. The crew escaped unhurt except for the pilot, who suffered burns about the face and hands and laceration requireing hospitalization. The crash cut co-axial cables on SK (surface search) radar as well as tearing down TBS and TBL antennas. Fire and wreckage was extinguished within a few minutes after the crash. The aircraft was pushed over the side after being stripped of all salvagable parts, 16 August 1944.
A sailor operates the plotting board in CIC, 17 August 1944
VC-19 Officers on the flight deck of the USS Guadalcanal, 27 August 1944
VC-19 Enlisted flight crew on the flight deck of the USS Guadalcanal, 27 August 1944
Captain Daniel V. Gallery presents Letters of Commendation for prompt action on flight deck fire (16 July 1944) during the Change of Command Ceremony at which he was relieved by Captain B. C. McCaffree, 16 September 1944
Miss Martha Scott, visits a paitent in Sick Bay while the ship visits Baltimore, MD, 22 September 1944. Miss Scott made her celebrated Broadway bow as Emily Webb in the original 1938 production of Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize-winning Our Town. She repeated the role of Emily in the 1940 film version, earning an Oscar nomination. Scott's subsequent film assignments, notably Cheers for Miss Bishop (1941) and One Foot in Heaven (1941), found her portraying characters far older than herself with total credibility. Having previously played both the wife and the sister of Charlton Heston (nine years her junior) on stage and TV, Scott portrayed Heston's mother on the big screen in The Ten Commandments (1955) and Ben-Hur (1959).

(L to R) LCDR C. A. Travles, Port Director Baltimore, Miss Frieda Inescourt, LCDR Johnson, Miss Martha Scott, Mrs. Pruitt, CAPT B. C. McCaffree and Mrs. Johnson at the Navy League Dance in Baltimore, 22 September 1944