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Task Group       Operations Date
TG 22.3   Dep Norfolk, VA for Casablanca (for ASW operations) 15 May
3rd ASW Cruise   Note: TG refueled at sea  
    Arrv Bermuda (for replenishment) 19 Jun
    Rtn Norfolk (for repairs and alterations) 22 Jun
Units: USS Guadalcanal, VC-8, USS Pillsbury (DE-133) , USS Pope (DE-134), USS Flaherty (DE-135), USS Chatelain (DE-149), USS Jenks (DE-665), Destroyer Division 4 in USS Pillsbury
Results: U-505 captured, 4 Jun 44
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USS Guadalcanal leaves Norfolk on her third ASW cruise, 15 May 1944
USS Jenks refueling astern of USS Guadalcanal, 23 May 1944
USS Pillsbury's boarding party approaches U-505, 4 June 1944
USS Pillsbury moves alongside U-505 to take the captured submarine in tow, 4 June 1944. USS Pillsbury was severly damaged when U-505's bowplane sliced open the DE's hull.
USS Guadalcanl boarding parties working to keep U-505 afloat, 4 June 1944
Guadalcanal's boarding parties work to attach a towline to U-505, 4 June 1944
USS Chatelain prepares to transfer POWs to USS Guadalcanal by motor whaleboat, 4 June 1944
CAPT Gallery and LT Davis, Officer-in-Charge of the USS Pillsbury's boarding party (Medal of Honor awardee) on USS Guadalcanal's bridge, 4 June 1944
An Avenger lands with U-505 in tow, 5 June 1944
U-505 crewmen cool off in the catwalk
CAPT Gallery and CDR Johnson, USS Guadalcanal's Executive Officer, on the bridge with Nazi flags representing action against U-544, U-68, U-515, U-170 (damaged) and U-505, 6 June 1944
Tow of U-505 is passed from USS Guadalcanal to USS Abnaki (ATF-96), 7 June 1944

USS Pillsbury refueling from USS Kennebec (AO-36), 7 June 1944
VC-8 Officers on the flight deck of the USS Guadalcanal, 21 June 1944
VC-8 Enlisted flight crew on the flight deck of the USS Guadalcanal, 21 June 1944

                       The Commanders of TG 22.3 (from left to right)

LCDR. Means Johnson, USS Flaherty; LCDR. Edwin H. Headland, USS Pope; CDR. Frederick S. Hall, Escort Division Four; CAPT. Daniel V. Gallery, USS Guadalcanal; LCDR Dudley S. Knox, USS Chatelain; LCDR George W. Casslemann, USS Pillsbury